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The Lies About Agarbatti Being Spread That Every Hindu Must Know Of

Agarbatti are an integral part of any Hindu ritual. During rituals, an incense stick is lighted to remove unpleasant odors in the air. It creates the perfect setting for an auspicious ritual by filling the air with a pleasant smell. The very use of incense sticks insinuates the place with immense positive energy.


It is believed that the rings of smoke that rise high carry our prayers to almighty. Thought of creating pure and beautiful atmosphere inspires to use the aromatic incense sticks. The aroma that spreads in air heals and soothes the mind, body and soul. Not only this, smoke from incense helps to relax and alleviate mental worries.

Incense sticks form a part of not only Hindu customs but also of Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese culture. The aromatic smoke finds its use in medicinal therapies also. Apart from meditation, nowadays it is widely used in a spa just to make the environment more light and relaxing.

Atharva Veda has described the various benefits of incense resins in detail. These oleo gum resins are exuded from plants and trees and have to be carefully collected during summer and then incorporated in the incense.


In ancient times, many medicinal extracts were put in an agarbatti. Loban and guggal were especially popular, and are abundantly used even today.

Nowadays, some people are running a fake campaign that Agarbatti is harmful for the health and it causes cancer. This well planned and structured campaign is damaging our custom and tradition. Just because to sell their own products and goods, some companies are playing with our rituals.

To expose the lie, we had a conversation with a senior Doctor also. Dr. Ujjawal Parakh from Gangaram Hospital explains the impact of Agarbatti in a very simple manner, He said ‘All kinds of smoke raises PM 2.5, but that I would become the reason behind any harmful disease only happens if the exposure is continuous’. He also added that we hardly use Agarbatti for 5-10 minutes which is harmless’.

Here is a detailed video:

RJ Raunac completely exposed the lie behind this anti-agarbatti campaign.

And the most important thing is that so many poor people are attached with this Agarbatti making business. Agarbatti Industry is one of the labour intensive cottage type of traditional industries in India. As on today, about 1000 units exist through the State of Karnataka. Moreover, it is an export-oriented industry also. In fact, this is one the items considered for boosting exports.


Bamboo which forms the base of the Indian Agarbatti is actually a very versatile grass, which is easily available and renewable. It has to be regularly harvested from our forests to maintain ecological balance. The Incense industry is supporting this balance and also providing employment to lakhs of tribals in the forests. Owing to the low level of technology involved in this industry, this can be taken to rural areas without much difficulty, thus implementing the rural industrialisation policy of Government of India to a greater extent. And some people for their vested business are not just harming the tradition but also harming the lakhs of poor families also.

We all need to expose the lie and must understand the truth.